Cluster analysis (cover data, Similarity ratio, WPGMA) of relevés of alluvial/waterside Po Plain and karstic Ulmus minor-rich forests and Fraxinus angustifolia subsp. oxycarpa swamp forests of Frangulo-Fraxinion. Simplified dendrogram with major groups of relevés and number of relevés occurring in each group. A: Polygonato-Quercetum roboris (from Sartori 1984; Assini 2011a); B: Salvio glutinosae-Quercetum roboris ass. nov. (Tab. 1, rels. 1-7 in Cavani et al. 1981, sub “Boschi igrofili a Populus alba”); C: Vinco minoris-Ulmetum minoris ass. nov. (Tab. 9 in this paper); D: Lamio-Ulmetum minoris (Poldini et al. 2017); E: Rhamno catharticae-Ulmetum minoris ass. nov. (Tab. 8 in this paper); F: Valeriano-Fraxinetum oxycarpae (Poldini and Sburlino 2018); G: Cladio-Fraxinetum oxycarpae (Merloni and Piccoli 2001).

  Part of: Poldini L, Vidali M, Castello M, Sburlino G (2020) A novel insight into the remnants of hygrophilous forests and scrubs of the Po Plain biogeographical transition area (Northern Italy). Plant Sociology 57(2): 17-69.