Schematic transect of the shady-mesic geosigmetum of the Monte Pellegrino road system (via Monte Ercta, descending toward Mondello, at the first harpin bend in the slopes above Contrada Allaura, 240 m a.s.l.): 1) grassland with Ampelodesmos mauritanicus (Helictotricho-Ampelodesmetum mauritanici); 2) chasmo-nitrophilous, heliophilous coenosis of lower and cooler walls with Centranthus ruber (Centranthetum rubri); 3) chasmophytic, heliophilous vegetation of higher old and cool walls with Helichrysum panormitanum subsp. panormitanum (Diantho siculae-Helichrysetum panormitani ass. nov.); 4) chasmophytic coenosis with Lomelosia cretica (Scabioso-Centauretum ucriae); 5) artificial forest plantation with Pinus halepensis.

  Part of: Gianguzzi L, Bazan G (2020) The vegetation of a historic road system in the suburban area of Monte Pellegrino (Palermo, Sicily). Plant Sociology 57(2): 71-103.