NMDS ordination scatterplot for the synthetic tables of the Italian woods dominated by Fraxinus angustifolia subsp. oxycarpa. Crem-Fx: Carici remotae-Fraxinetum; Cla-Fx: Cladio marisci-Fraxinetum; Sal-Fx: Salici apenninae-Fraxinetum; Rub-Fx: Rubo caesi-Fraxinetum; Lys-Fx: Lysimachio-Fraxinetum; Leu-Fx: Leucojo verni-Fraxinetum; Val-Fx: Valeriano-Fraxinetum; Lim-Fx: Limnirido pseudacori-Fraxinetum. Data from Tables 1–2 by Poldini and Sburlino (2018) with the exception of Lim-Fx, data from this paper.

  Part of: Gennai M, Gabellini A, Viciani D, Venanzoni R, Dell’Olmo L, Giunti M, Lucchesi F, Monacci F, Mugnai M, Foggi B (2021) The floodplain woods of Tuscany: towards a phytosociological synthesis. Plant Sociology 58(1): 1-28. https://doi.org/10.3897/pls2021581/01