Life forms, chorological and syntaxonomic spectra of the Campanulo erini-Micromerietum microphyllae (Camp.-Micromerietum). The 3-digits codes in syntaxonomic spectra represent the class codes provided in the Eurovegchecklist (Mucina et al. 2016). Abbreviations: n. species = spectra based on presence/absence data; frequency = spectra weighted by species frequency; cover = spectra weighted by species cover-abundance.

  Part of: Di Pietro R, Fortini P, Misano G, Terzi M (2021) Phytosociology of Atractylis cancellata and Micromeria microphylla communities in southern Italy with insights on the xerothermic steno-Mediterranean grasslands high-rank syntaxa. Plant Sociology 58(1): 133-155.