Cluster analysis of relevés of meadows from NE Italy lowlands (cover data, Chord distance, UPGMA). ■, Leucojo-Poetum pratensis (Tasinazzo 2009); ▲, Poo-Lolietum multiflori leucojetosum aestivi (Poldini and Oriolo 1995); ▼, Poo-Lolietum multiflori brometosum hordeacei (Poldini and Oriolo 1995); ●, Centaureo-Arrhenatheretum elatioris (Poldini and Oriolo 1995, rels 1–12); ○, Plantagini-Molinietum caeruleae (Marchiori and Sburlino 1982); □, Serratulo-Plantaginetum altissimae (Poldini 1989); ×, flooded meadow from Doberdò; +, flooded meadow from Palù.

  Part of: Castello M, Poldini L, Altobelli A (2021) The aquatic and wetland vegetation of Lake Doberdò: an analysis for conservation value assessment of a disappearing lake of the Classical Karst (North East Italy). Plant Sociology 58(1): 75-106.