Dendrogram A) and non-metric multidimensional scaling ordination (stress 0.24) B) of the phytosociological relevés of the mature Pinus nigra plantations in the study area: Orthilio secundae-Pinetum nigrae [(cluster I in A); group I in B)], and Digitalidi micranthae-Pinetum nigrae [(cluster II in A); group II in B)].

  Part of: Tesei G, Allegrezza M, Ballelli S, Ciaschetti G, Console C, Montecchiari S, Ottaviani C, Pirone G, Frattaroli A (2021) The oldest Pinus nigra plantations in the central Apennines: distribution and floristic-vegetational characterisation. Plant Sociology 58(2): 15-28.