CHL values in the three wood stands. Non-parametric comparison analysis (Kruskal-Wallis test) and pair comparison according to the Dunn method with Bonferroni correction for significance. Number of replicates for each stand: 30. Legend: red cross = mean; horizontal bar in the box = median; lower limit of the box = first quartile; upper limit of the box = third quartile; empty dots and stars outer the whiskers' bounds = outliers; filled diamonds = minimum and maximum values. Empty dots: values found in the [Q1 – 3 (Q3 - Q1); Q1 - 1.5 (Q3 - Q1)] interval or in the [Q3 + 1.5 (Q3 - Q1); Q3 + 3 (Q3 - Q1)] interval. See Appendix 1, Table A4 for the summary statistics.

  Part of: Quaranta L, Di Marzio P, Di Pietro R, Ferretti F, Di Salvatore U, Fortini P (2022) Analysis of the functional traits of Quercus cerris L. seedlings in the Molise region (southern Italy). Plant Sociology 59(1): 11-24.