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Vegetation study for the conservation and recovery of biodiversity
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Edited by Carmelo Maria Musarella, Giovanni Spampinato, Eusebio Cano, Carlos José Pinto Gomes

"Biodiversity Management and Conservation" is the name of the International Seminar which is organized in some European countries since 2007 with the aim of creating relationships and discussions between junior and senior researchers on these increasingly pressing issues. In the year 2022, the XIV edition of the Seminar was held in Serra San Bruno (Vibo Valentia, Italy) and had, as a specific theme, "Biodiversity and Sustainability: two important keywords for the future".

In order to better understand the phenomena concerning conservation and plant biodiversity, numerous communications were presented by researchers from four European countries and ranging from "Vegetation study for biodiversity conservation" to "Protected areas for the future of the Biodiversity Management and Conservation", from "Tools for Biodiversity management" to "Ecosystem services for biodiversity management". There were also several communications dealing with plant ecophysiology, environmental education, and new perspectives on wild plants for medicinal and food purposes: all related to the specific issue selected for the current edition of the International Seminar.

This collection of articles represents a part of the communications presented during the International Seminar, selected by a special commission that assessed them as suitable and deserving of publication as extended articles in Plant Sociology, a scientific journal that has always published articles on vegetation, habitat, and plant biodiversity management and conservation.

Manuscripts dealing with the same themes are also expected by authors who have not participated in the latest edition of the International Seminar, in order to enrich the discussion on these topics as much as possible.

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